Spa City Organics

Small batch, handmade organic skin care and cosmetics. Made in Saratoga Springs, NY voted one of the healthiest cities in the United States. Now shipping world wide and available wholesale for spas and skin care boutiques who value the same principles and mission we do.

100% Synthetic free. SCO uses all natural ingredients, with an emphasis on ORGANIC. No synthetic chemicals, never. With our skin being our largest and most absorbent organ, why would we want to dump toxic chemicals into it? It's important to read your labels so that you know what is going in and on your body. Many ingredients in todays bath, body and beauty products have been known to cause skin irritations, endocrine issues, hormone imbalance, and even cancer. Help us spread the word for safe and pure personal care products. Eventually we hope the industry standard will be chemical free- NON-GMO - back to basics ingredients, not only in our beauty products, but also in our food supply.