About Us

Spa City Organics was created by Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa & Store as its professional organic skin care line. Spa City Organics brand of products are made using only the finest organic and natural ingredients and contain no synthetic ingredients, preservatives or additives. Pure. Simple. Small Batch Made. We now offer our products to spas and skin care boutiques who value our same principles and mission. Contact us if you are interested in our wholesale catalog.

Our mission is provide pure products to our customers and help them to be conscious about what they are putting in and on their bodies. You won’t find harmful additives, preservatives or synthetic chemicals (like those found in most of today’s cosmetics) in Spa City Organics’ products. We make our products with intention and in small batches using the finest organic or responsibly wildcrafted ingredients.

Spa City Organics: Our name shows our pride and pays homage to our home base of Saratoga Springs, nicknamed the “Spa City” for the city’s rich history of spas and mineral springs.